I have a glass full of sweet wine and two of my favorite scented candles burning in front of me. If you love YOLO WITH BENSON EKPO, do you know what that means? WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike the rest of the world that is on full lockdown mode, YOLO with Benson Ekpo is back from hiatus and come Apr 17th, 2020, we will be kicking off our second season baby! Hey, there amazing person! My name is Benson Ekpo. Welcome to my podcast, you’re listening to The YOLO with Benson Ekpo, the destination for life and style enthusiasts to learn and create all-round conversations about travel, culture, food, fashion, and self-development.

This season’s guest list is packed with a rich plethora of influencers, creators, celebrities and regular folks all spilling the tea on their processes. Get ready for more laughs. More conversations. And more Benson.

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I can’t wait to start creating for you.

Stay Winning!

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