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So, seriously, are you rich or what’s the deal?

Rich? Ain’t that funny. Far from it, i just prioritize experiencing new flavors over the regular mundane. This means giving up a lot of “fun” and saying no to a lot hangouts and parties and new clothes and so much more so i can save up.

How did this adventure begin?

My thirst for exploring started pretty young at about thirteen, but i didn’t go on my first adventure till sixteen. When i graduated high school, my best friend and i joined our savings and paid for a weekend at his dads luxury hotel (hello family discount.)

Who is in the crew, and can I join?

I nearly can never afford group travels, so i always go along with one other friend. I usually announce my upcoming trips, if you would like to join in just shoot me an mail and we will work something out. Traveling with someone else is always a great experience.

What camera gear do you use?

My most asked question. Thank you for telling me how bomb my pictures are. All my photos are edited using Lightroom. I used an old iPhone 6 to capture my pictures until May 2020 – shocking!  I subscribe to the school of thought that the best equipment to start with is the one in your pocket. I never would’ve learnt all I know now about mobile photography if I did not start.

Do you work with brands?

Yes, please. As long as the brand’s message resonates with mine I am open to conversations. From hotels, villas, and hostels, to tourism boards, cruise/airlines, restaurants and other lifestyle industries, I can help create aesthetic content for your promotional uses. Shoot an email to my agency via  adam@adambradford.agency or click here.

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