Indego by Vineet: India Se 8 course menu through the flavours’ of India. Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Al Emreef Street, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.+97143176000,

I had just clocked off work and was preparing for a chill evening of take out pizza and Netflix. My not so fabulous plan was quickly thrown out the window when Adam texted that he has an open reservation at Indego by Vineet. He didn’t finish his words when I declared I would be ready in 10 minutes. With my camera in hand, taste buds cleansed and a racing heart rate, I joined Adam inside his taxi with the biggest smile on my face.

Owned by Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia, Indego by Vineet boasts impeccable indian fine-dining luxury experience with an accomplished menu. It is not uncommon to hear tales of culinary splendor when you try their traditional dishes (biryanis, butter chicken, naan breads and more) or their more contemporary flavours (such as lobster tikka masala and lemongrass prawns) an ethos that extends to the stunning mix of antique artwork and minimalist, jewel hues decor. This is a magical setting for an unforgettable evening with unbeatable views of the Dubai marina.

INDIA SE – An eight course journey through the flavours’ of india

We arrived at Indego to meet a slightly confusing menu, not in a bad way, but in that way that leaves you wanting to try everything so badly, you end up not knowing what to taste first. Slightly frustrated and little out of patience, Adam asked to speak with the chef to get some help. Sous chef Irshad Qureshi, a bubbling bundle of joy, put us at ease within minutes when he introduced the India Se menu, a unique tasting menu that pulls flavours from all parts of India, including Chef Vineets hometown.

We begin with some warm towels and a refreshing glass of welcome signature cocktails (I did not pay attention to the name… but it was divine.) A rain of three appetizers activates the taste buds as we brace ourselves for the mains.

Starting our journey in Mumbai, Chef Irshad sets us off with a flavor-filled beet pani puri and crispy grain bhel. We continue on to Goa, with a serving of rava fish, cafreal upma and coconut tuile. Not long after, journey into Dili with some dhaba chicken, paratha, and salli. 

We made a pit stop with a refreshing pomegranate sorbet and mint caviar to cleanse our pallets as the mains made their way to us.

Our first stop is Kolkata, with Tangra chili lobster, pan grilled pea momo and stir fry vegetables that received loud applause from both Adam and I. We voyage on to Lucknow, melting away a serving of Gosht korma, biryani rice, kheema bomb and crisp spinach juliennes.

Our trip makes a final stop at Dil, Chef Vineets home town, where we round up with some sweet happy endings of Gulab jamun-banana brulee tart, caramelized banana ice cream and a chocolate bubble wrap.

FINAL THOUGHTS – Would I go back to Indego by Vineet?

Indego restaurant is cherished for its exquisite contemporary combination of traditional spices and ingredients with a fine-dining presentation, I went there expecting to be mind blown, I got melted away. Yes, I would go back to Indego.

Perfect for a cozy feel-good experience by yourself, a nice dinner with friends or colleagues or a hopeless romantic looking for wonder, Indego will take through a regal Indian fine dining experience the likes of which are nearly unheard of.

P.S If you can spare a few minutes, the amazing team at Indego by Vineet have been nominated by The BBC Good Food Middle East Magazine Awards for Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai, show some support by voting here. Voting remains open until the 31st of January 2021.


  • Kay
    Posted January 8, 2021

    Looks divine. Wish I could taste it

  • Ihuoma
    Posted January 8, 2021

    Looks so good 😍 love this

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