Figuring out where to go or how to choose your destination can be really confusing and difficult. I understand I’ve been there. You’ll feel like you should divide yourself into thousands of parts and go everywhere at once because you’ve been overwhelmed by the numerous places running through your head.

You can solve this problem with a simple, thoughtful process. 

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  • What do you want? You’ll have to take your interests into consideration. What you plan to do on the trip, things you’d like to see, the food you’ll like to taste, etc. Write out a list of all these things.


  • What do you need?


After writing your wants (things that you’d love to do), write down the things you actually have to do when you get there. Look at both lists, consider your pocket and cross out certain “wants”.


  • Consider co-travelers


Are you traveling alone? Someone coming with you? People? Let them write out their own list of things they’d love to do while on the trip. Cross-check all lists, choose activities, or likes that you share in common so that the happiness of the majority of people is assured. Even if you’re traveling alone, consider connecting with other people at your destination who would like to share the same experience as you, you can make life long friends this way.


  • Look up travel destinations that can meet your needs and wants


Researching travel destinations that can help you fulfill the activities on your list will go a long way to ensure your happy travels. Say, for instance, a top activity on your list is bungee jumping. You can do a Google search with the keywords “Top 10 countries to try bungee jumping”. You can ask people for recommendations, check print and online publications, check tourism websites, travel guides, etc to get proper information. Avoid sites that contain outdated information, or ones that try so hard to sell you something. 


  • Look up the cost of living 


You’ll have to take a look at your list, make a research on how much it would cost to do the activities in the destination(s) of your choice. You’ll have to find out how much bungees jumping costs in, say, Texas. You’ll have to find out the price of their delicious cuisines, their accommodations, etc to get a picture of what you’re going to spend.


  • Make a budget


After you’ve seen the prices, it’s time to draw up a budget. How much will you like to spend there? What luxuries can and can’t you afford? You’ll have to write these things down after consideration. If it is too expensive, you consider another destination with the same things but for a cheaper cost.


  • Determine how long you’ll spend at your preferred destination


This will help you decide whether to stretch, manage, or lavish your budget. A trip that lasts for about a week or two will make you lavish your budget while a trip that would last for about a month would force you to be frugal in your daily spending. Determining how long you’ll spend in your travels is very important to determine how your budget will be managed.


  • Consider the season


Before traveling, take some time out to research the weather of your destination to know what it would be like during your stay there, consider the effects of the weather on your health, the health of your co-travellers, the effects the weather would have on the activities you have in your itinerary. After all consideration, you’d know whether to change the destination or proceed.


  • Make the final decision


Take a look at the decisions you’ve made, are they okay? Could any special event happen during your stay at the destination of your choice? Will the event affect you negatively or positively? Is the destination safe? Is it convenient?

When you’re done answering these questions, you will have a solid sense of purpose towards travel as you have your destination and activities all figured out.

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You’ll feel like you have already arrived when you finally choose your destination carefully and thoughtfully. Choosing a destination isn’t difficult if you know the steps to follow.

Safe travels! 

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