Ever wondered how to save for travel? You wake up one day with dreams of traveling to many places you find fascinating, but a question is nagging at you; how do I save up to have enough money for my travels? Fret not, my dear. Benson Ekpo to the rescue. I will walk you through some saving tips I employ(ed) to combat this problem. I believe you can apply these and even develop ones that suit your lifestyle better along the line. If you have ever thought about how to save money for traveling, read ahead!


First, set a target: How much do I need for this trip? Where am I going? What would I be doing while I’m there? How long will I be there? Answering these questions and finding out the cost of carrying out these activities would give you an idea of how much you should save for your travels. 

Second, set up a savings planI’d strongly advise you to open a separate bank account and keep your travel money there. This will prevent you from spending it unnecessarily. Also, keeping track of your savings will let you know how much you’ve saved so far and will motivate you towards hitting your target. 

Third, go frugal: Try reducing your daily expenditure to things that are really necessary; cancel some of your monthly subscriptions, adjust some of them to the cheaper, basic plans. This includes your NetFlix, DSTV, and all other app subscriptions that you don’t really use. 

Fourth, get a job, or consider working extra hours for extra pay: If you don’t have a job, you should consider getting one. It will earn you money and increase your chances of reaching your target quickly. If you do have a job, consider asking for a raise or extending your work time. I would recommend also getting a side job that can earn you money even when you are on your trip.

Fifth, sell some of your infrequently-used belongings: You would definitely have stuff you haven’t used in a while and is still in good shape. You could consider selling some of them to make more money for your travels.

Sixth, learn money-management techniques: We can all agree that it’d be wise to learn some skills on how to manage money so that we can be more financially responsible. Money-management skills, just like every other skill, can be learned. You can try out a few courses online or you could download money-management apps that will help you track your spending and manage your money. I recommend Personal Capital. You can find it in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Seventh, tone down on your utilities: You can cut down on your electricity consumption. Use a ceiling fan or a hand fan instead of the Air conditioner. Unplug not-in-use electronics. Have short baths to reduce your water consumption. These things will make you slightly uncomfortable, but remember that you have a target in mind and you are determined to hit it, come what may.

BONUS: Get a job that lets you travel – If you really want to travel and like me, there’s really not much in terms of income dripping into your accounts, then consider getting a job that literally has travel as a requirement. I’ll be honest with you, while I have certainly maximized all of the tips listed above, at some point in my life, I was not getting as many streams of Income I required to stay afloat in a very urban and expensive city like Lagos, so I moved back in with my mother to save on rent and other utilities and when I saw the window of a massively beautiful opportunity, I took it. 

Look online for, because I’m such a handy helper, check out these links for airline or cruise line jobs:


If these don’t meet your fancy, then consider joining a startup or established company with multiple offices across the globe, you can easily request to be posted to a different country every other month, and you won’t have to cover a majority of all your expenses.

Saving up isn’t going to be easy, things may not go according to your plan. But you need to pick yourself off the ground and keep moving. You can’t let little setbacks ruin your entire plan. Forget the rumor that traveling is really expensive and can only be done by people from rich homes or people that are rich. If you develop a proper savings plan and itinerary for your trip and work towards hitting the savings target, traveling would be an easy-peas thing for you. Traveling around the world is very possible for someone not from a rich background, my family is not that high-class, but I have traveled to lots and lots of places, either raising most of the money on my own or getting a job or project that had travel as a requirement – including my current job. You can be just like me. 


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