I work with global PR companies, and brands to develop a unique approach to the world of social. Forget follower numbers, forget what everyone else is doing, it’s 2019 and the ways of the past are no longer working. Take your influence to the next level with my knowledge.

You don’t have to worry about what next to post or why you’re not growing.

People only patronize brand’s that they know. Grow your brand’s visibility with Digital Marketing tactics that position your brand on top of the prospect’s mind. Together, i will create strategies that will connect your brand/product/service with your target audience and give them a reason to be become your customers by guiding them through the buying stages with relevant content and engagement. I maximize the 70/30 rule, feeding them 70% consumable content to reel them in and keep them engaged.

Your business needs customers to grow and your customers need to know the value you bring to the table. Shoot me an email, lets talk about how I can help you sell your business value to your customers using data-driven digital marketing tactics with emphasis on content marketing.

My services include website development, seo, social media content creation/curation


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