What I Accept

I have worked with destination marketing organizations, hotel and resturant chains plus brands all over the world to produce media campaigns telling the stories of phenomenal destinations and experiences. Through my travel & lifestyle podcast show, adventure travel photography on Instagram, and experience-centric travel blog, I have the tools to inspire your next customer.

I strive to create long term partnerships with brands that fit our audience. Contact me for more information about what personalized offer I can create just for your marketing needs.
  • Brand Ambassadorship: I can help promote your brand through my upper-mid-range to high-end luxury adventures and trips around the world.
  • Affiliate Partnership: I can help promote your product via my podcast, and other channels.
  • Destination Promotion/Press Trips: I can help promote your location and attract more down-to-earth adventurers like myself to your destination.
  • Product Reviews: My reviews have been quoted to be “honest and very relatable.” If you have a product or service you feel will resonate with my audience then don’t hesitate to reach out (I do not believe in giving bad reviews as personal experiences differ (If I do not like your product, you will be made aware but I shall not post/share any negative reviews about it)
  • Speaking Engagements: I am passionate about promoting travel and activating conversations about our sustainable future with the people I meet, plus fostering collaborations with young persons across the globe to create lasting solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues. I am available for booking to speak at your next in-house or company-sponsored conference, seminar, masterclass, or trade shows.

I collaborate with tourism boards, tour companies, and hotels to promote travel through engaging stories and social media campaigns. Most of these include offers ranging from sponsored blog content as well as banner advertising, including a variety of sizes and positions available across this website. Increase your brand awareness by engaging with my highly targeted audience through customized campaigns tailored to you and your brand’s needs.

Have a product you want to promote? I provide honest reviews of products and services I like, use and trust, and think is a good fit for my audience.

Press Trips | Destination Promotion | Brand Ambassadorship | Product Reviews | Guest Post | Campaigns… etc

Use the form below to reach out with any questions and I shall get back to you as soon as humanly possible (which in Benson speak is a couple of hours tops) or, if you want even FASTER feedback, email my agent via adam@adambradford.agency or just DM me on Instagram and we can pick up from there.