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Welcome back guys from the mid-season break, i really want to know just how fabulous your holiday was. I have missed sitting down with you guys and just sharing!  

On this New Year’s & New Decade special episode we discuss a particular phenomenon I came across for the first time not too long ago. The experience of it is nothing new, but the revelation was just something else. We explore the danish cultural phenomenon called HYGGE, on this episode we will discuss what it is and why i think you need to find yours.

1ST SEGMENT – ICE BREAKERS (5MINS) – what I have been up to

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If you must know, For me, I started the season on a super high note with a trip to the progressive city of Dubai, then returned straight into a nationwide production for a reality TV show (very exciting) and then jumped on another tour with the AdamStart team. I got to spend Christmas with my incredible co-workers and rang in the new year surrounded by perhaps the best of friends in the entire world. Then I jumped on a plane a day after, to a spontaneous work-related West Africa tour to the Republic of Benin where i am currently recording this episode from the beautiful Novotel Orisha Hotel in the iconic city of Cotonou.

Before I get started, know this. Hygge does not necessarily require a form of learning, it is not a “thing.” For me when I consider the concepts of Hygge and how it affects me, I think of people & culture, these are the things that uplift and amplify my soul. I consider the conversations and new perspectives I get from it when I connect with a new person at a new destination. Whenever the word rings, my mind dissolves into the warm hellos I give and receive at a new destination. That ridiculously warm feeling when I meet someone new and learn about them and where they come from.

Hygge does not require buying a course or even trying hard – if at all to adopt it as a lifestyle, it is not some tangible knowledge and anyone who tries to preach anything different either doesn’t understand it and therefore is not living it or is literally just trying to sell you something that has nothing to do with the concept in a bid to make money off you.

There are no “hygge foods or diets”, no retreats or even ornaments (I heard someone once buying a hygge living room furniture.)

Hygge, pronounced Hue-gah is a Danish word that skyrocketed from the United Kingdom around 2016 and printed across the pond to the United State before gaining global dominance. In its original form, it can be defined as “Coziness and comfort.” It connotes a feeling and deep, warm sense of contentment and general well being.

So how do you tap into hygge? Simple, by BREATHING. Hygge only requires consciousness, a certain element of slowness, and the ability to not just be present – but recognize and enjoy the present in its full capacity. So many translations distill hygge into being a “feeling” – because if you don’t consciously decide to feel it, then you are not doing it right.

Here are 5 things you can start doing now to access Hygge:

  1. Hygge is about taking full pleasure in the simple things of life – pause and learn to appreciate all that is around you.
  2. Hangout with people who matter – I have been lucky to have a very warm family and the greatest friends on earth and I know that it might not be the same with everyone, but reach out to those people who hold meaning to your life and spend quality time with them.
  3. Gateway and be by yourself – As much as spending time with friends and family is important, practice and plan little or long escapes to new places where you get to explore your mind and align yourself. Relax and become a better version of yourself.
  4. Pause, and take care of yourself. From checking your diet, making better fitness choices and better skincare and dare I say – retail therapy. 😉 Essentially, let your happiness and wellbeing by your focus.
  5. Finally, understand that life is not a race, everyone has their own journey and you need not get trapped in the rat race. Social media does not every show the complete sides of everyone, live and let live. Slow down, take your time and BECOME who you’re meant to be.

To sum this all up; The one simple and only key to ensure you are in a state of hygge is to think, rack your mind and have a meeting with all of your consciousness and decide: WHAT EPIC THINGS ARE YOU GOING TO DO THIS YEAR THAT YOU WILL  =REMEMBER FOREVER?

And when you start collecting those memories, getting lost in those moments when your spirits become one with the elements, then you will know you have successfully achieved HYGGE!

“To LIVE is the rarest thing in the world, most people just… exist.”

Oscar Wild.

Happy New Year #InsaneArmy,

Welcome to the #DecadeOfAction.


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  • Zen
    Posted January 17, 2020

    Truly insightful! Hygge is almost but not quite an achievement of the zen state….

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